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Start and submit your application online:
Graduate students from any branch of science and engineering may seek membership without regards to disability, race, gender, or sexual orientation/identity. There are a few ways that you can join our community of STEM professionals:
  1. Join one of the existing local chapters

  2. Start a local chapter at your institution. Download materials and submit your application using our online portal below:

  3. Join as an individual member. Start an application here

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The fundamental goal of the local chapters is to build local communities of graduate students that represent our core values of inclusion, equality, and diversity. ADSE chapters maintain a thriving community of active members who organize diversity lecture series and lead effective, targeted outreach programs in their local communities.


As a national non-profit organization, ADSE provides its members with a wide suite of benefits, including:

  • Access to ADSE's social media network, including Facebook and LinkedIn, for professional connections

  • Access to exclusive networking opportunities with world renowned scientists and other ADSE members

  • Exclusive leadership opportunities at the regional and national level and direct participation in ADSE's governance

  • Invitations to national ADSE symposia, speaker tours, and professional development events

  • Access to internship opportunities at supporting institutions and companies

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