Our executive board is comprised of STEM professionals who share a vision of connecting scientists of all backgrounds and interests. ADSE executive board positions will be open to previous leaders of local chapters. 

Ryan Coll, Chairman
Local-National Relations Coordinator

Ryan earned a B.S. in chemistry (biochemistry concentration) from Wake Forest University in 2014. There, he worked in the laboratory of Prof. Ronald Noftle as an undergraduate research assistant. Ryan is currently a Ph.D. candidate at Texas A&M University, working in the laboratory of Prof. Kim Dunbar, where he researches the potential biomedical applications of dirhodium(II,II), specifically in the field of photodynamic therapy. 

Originally from Vietnam, Tan moved to Portland, OR with his family in 2010 and earned his B.S. in biochemistry in 2015 at Portland State University under the guidance of Dr. Marilyn R. Mackiewicz.  He then moved to College Station, TX and joined the research group of Dr. Karen L. Wooley at Texas A&M University, working in the area of organic/polymer chemistry.  He is currently a Ph.D. candidate working towards the development of biocompatible, biodegradable and recyclable polypeptides for cell therapeutics and as redox-active battery materials. 

Sarah Blosser
VP of Technology & Communications
Noelle Catarineu, Ph.D.
Funding Coordinator

Sarah was born in Stamford, CT and grew up in Virginia and Connecticut. She graduated from The College of Wooster with a degree in chemistry and a minor in environmental studies in 2013 and is currently pursuing a doctorate researching protein-protein interactions and peptidomimetics in the lab of Paramjit Arora at New York University. 

Noelle was raised in Maryland and New York. She graduated with a B.S. in chemistry and minor in Spanish from New York University in 2012. She earned her Ph.D. from the University of California, Berkeley in 2017 working under the guidance of Prof. Omar Yaghi on metal-organic frameworks. She is currently a post-doctoral researcher at Sandia National Laboratory in Livermore, CA.

Alessandra Zimmermann
VP of Outreach
Alex Andia, Ph.D.
Public Relations Coordinator

Alessandra graduated from Carnegie Mellon University with a B.S. in chemistry and a minor in biology in 2013. She is currently a PhD Candidate at the University of Maryland, College Park. She works jointly in the labs of Prof. Jason Kahn in Biochemistry and Prof. Ian White in Bioengineering, working on the design of a point-of-care nucleic acid diagnostic test. 

Alex was born and raised in Port Jefferson, New York and now resides in Brooklyn. He received his Bachelor's in Chemistry with minors in International Affairs and History from Northeastern University in 2013 and his Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry at NYU with Keith Woerpel. His work focused on the synthesis and application of organic peroxides. Alex also runs a non-profit event series, Chemical Makeup, and a comedy group, Not for Everyone.

Steven Lopez, Ph.D. 
Assistant Professor
Northeastern University
Osvaldo Gutierrez, Ph.D. 
Assistant Professor
Univ. of MD, College Park

Steven is the co-president and a co-founder of ADSE. He received his B.S. in Chemistry in 2010 from New York University and his PhD in organic chemistry in 2015 from the University of California, Los Angeles. He is currently an assistant professor of chemistry at Northeastern University, where he directs a research group that utilizes computational chemistry and machine learning techniques to design catalysts for organic photoredox reactions. 

Osvaldo was born in Salamanca, GTO (Mexico) and raised in Sacramento, CA. He attended Sacramento City College and transferred to UCLA in 2006. He graduated in 2009 with B.S. and M.S. degrees in chemistry from UCLA and moved back to northern California to enroll in graduate studies at UC Davis. He completed his Ph.D. in 2012 under the guidance of Prof. Dean J. Tantillo. He then moved across the country to work with Prof. Marisa C. Kozlowksi at the University of Pennsylvania where he used computational and experimental tools to study transition-metal catalyzed processes.

Luis Campos, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Columbia University
Richmond Sarpong, Ph.D.
Full Professor
Univ. of CA, Berkeley

Luis was born in Guadalajara, Mexico, and moved at the age of 11 to Los Angeles, California. He received a B.Sc. in Chemistry from CSU Dominguez Hills in 2001, and a Ph.D. from the Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry at UCLA in 2006 working under the supervision of M. A. Garcia-Garibay and K. N. Houk in the area of  solid-state photochemistry. Switching to materials chemistry, he went to UCSB as a UC President's Postdoctoral Fellow to work under the supervision of C. J. Hawker at the Materials Research Laboratory before joining Columbia as a faculty member. At Columbia, his group’s research interests lie in polymer chemistry, self-assembly, and organic electronic materials.

Richmond was born in Bechem, Ghana but grew up predominantly in Bolgatanga (northern Ghana), Livingstone (Zambia, central Africa) and Lobatse (Botswana, southern Africa). He was first introduced to organic chemistry as a Cambridge 'A' Level student at the Maru-A-Pula school in Gaborone, Botswana. In 1991, he began his undergraduate studies at Macalester College in St. Paul, MN where he was first introduced into organic chemistry research in Rebecca's Hoye group. He conducted his graduate studies at Princeton University in Prof. Martin F. Semmelhack's lab, studying functional analogs of the enediyne antitumor antibiotics. After a postdoctorate with Brian Stoltz at Caltech, he joined the faculty at Berkeley in 2004. He is currently developing methodology to access a series of 7- and 5-membered ring fused bicycles. 

Fernando Uribe-Romo, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Univ. of Central Florida

Fernando was born and raised in Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico. He did his undergraduate studies at Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey (a.k.a Monterrey Tech), where he earned his LCQ degree (Licenciado en Ciencias Químicas) in 2006. He then moved closer to home to study graduate school at University of California Los Angeles, where he received a PhD in inorganic chemistry, under the supervision of Prof. Omar M. Yaghi, specializing in synthesis and powder diffraction crystallography of covalent-organic frameworks. Fernando became an Assistant Professor in the Chemistry Department at the University of Central Florida in the Fall 2013. His research interests are focused on new applications for metal-organic frameworks with complex properties.

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Christian Gonzalez
Jesus Guerrero
Osvaldo Gutierrez
Janice Lin
Steven Lopez
Ashay Patel
Christina Rotsides
Daniel Tabor
Crystal Valdez


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