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Our mission at ADSE is to increase the participation of underrepresented groups in academia, industry, and government. ADSE supports, organizes, and oversees local, graduate student-run organizations that reach out to students and scientists of all ages and backgrounds.

ADSE        aims to form a supportive environment for Women, Latinos, African-Americans, Native Americans, LGBTQIA persons, and any other member of an underrepresented group in STEM.


We hope to develop a strong foundation for research-focused students intent on continuing their education in graduate school through shadowing graduate students at doctorate-granting institutions, graduate school panels featuring underrepresented students and STEM professionals, presentations by visiting speakers with a Q&A session, and conferences focused on undergraduate and graduate student research.


Our Mission:


We believe in promoting STEM Education in the chapter's local community by

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Organizing fundraising that also emphasizes outreach and community service.



Taking an active role in the surrounding community with science demonstrations for middle and elementary school students.


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Mentoring local upper-level students in high-school with college Question & Answer sessions.


How can I join?
Undergraduate students from any branch of science and engineering may seek membership without regards to disability, race, gender, or sexual orientation/identity. 
There are a few ways that you can join our community of STEM professionals:

  1. Join one of the existing local chapters. 

  2. Start a local chapter at your institution. Download and view basic charter here.

  3. Join as an individual member. Start an application here

Videos from a recent zoom panel:

ADSE SUPER director Kathryn Allen leads two panels over zoom about diversity in STEM and the path to grad school.

Featuring Graduate School Panelists

Olivia Lanes - University of Pittsburgh, Physics/Astronomy Liam Schroeder - University of Delaware, Chemistry

Jennifer Houtz - Cornell University, Biology

Eeman Abbasi - U Penn, Biology

Charlotte Marie Istance - U of Manchester, Chemistry


Panelists from Professional Schools

James Dreer - Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine

Natalie Sukanick - University of Maryland School of Pharmacy


Upcoming Events



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