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Introducing ADSE˄SUPER

We are excited to announce a new branch of the ADSE family- ADSE˄SUPER or STEM Undergraduates Preparing for Excellence in Research. The mission of the ADSE˄SUPER chapters is to connect with students at Primarily Undergraduate Institutions (PUIs) who may enroll in graduate level studies, by providing professional development assistance and education regarding the possible career paths in STEM. In collaboration with other ADSE˄SUPER and ADSE chapters, we intend to accomplish these goals through the use of High Impact Practices (HIPs), as these have been shown to improve the educational experience of students with wide ranging backgrounds and learning styles.

Two recent events have set the ball rolling on ADSE˄SUPER and we're excited for all that is to come!


Welcome ADSE˄SUPER at Vassar College!

Welcoming the first chapter of ADSE˄SUPER at Vassar College! Vassar College is a PUI located in Poughkeepsie, NY home to about 2500 undergraduates.

To celebrate the chapter's initiation, faculty mentor Krystle McLaughlin hosted a STEM student/ faculty lunch. Events like these are great opportunities to get students interested in and build ADSE communities.

We can't wait to see where this chapter goes in the future!

Follow Dr. McLaughlin on twitter here and follow the ADSE˄SUPER at Vassar chapter here!


Millersville University Hosts Graduate School and Diversity Discussion Event

Millersville University in collaboration with faculty member Kathyrn Allen hosted a full day of discussion about graduate school, and diversity in STEM. The theme of the day was how to prepare undergraduates for success in graduate school and how diversity and inclusion initiatives can help promote more diverse populations in graduate school and ultimately the workforce.

At this event ADSE co-founder and current Board of Directors member, Steven Lopez, and ADSE˄SUPER co-founder Christina Rotsides gave diversity talks and an overview of the ADSE˄SUPER mission. Additionally, there was a panel of graduate students across several STEM disciplines giving perspective and advice on graduate school and an address from the President of MU, Dr. Daniel Wubah.


These two events were a great start to the ADSE˄SUPER branch of our ADSE community. Stay tuned for future news about ADSE˄SUPER events to come!

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