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Winter 2019 ADSE Events

The winter months have been host to a number of awesome ADSE events!

See below for descriptions and pictures.


TAMU Celebrates Lunar New Year

Students at TAMU rang in the lunar new year with a potluck and Chinese ink painting. Events celebrating cultural heritage are always a great way to share old traditions with new friends! Also, maintaining a healthy work-life balance by spending time with friends, old and new, is something we all should strive for this year!


Multiple Chapters Host Diversity Lectures

Drexel, NEU, and UMD recently hosted seminars as part of their Diversity Lecture Series. Each ADSE chapter hosts at least one diversity seminar per year in which an invited speaker discusses both their research and personal/work background. In addition to bringing some valuable scientific knowledge to our chapters, these presentations are also a good opportunity to remind us that all professionals start somewhere and hard work can get us to where we want to be!

Drexel hosted Dr. Marino J. Resendiz of University of Colorado, Denver to discuss his group's work on structure-function relationships in RNA.

Northeastern University held a conversation based lecture featuring Dr. Malika Jeffries-EL of Boston University to discuss her academic and career achievements, and the future of diversity in STEM.

University of Maryland hosted University of California Berkeley Professor and ADSE Board of Directors member Richmond Sarpong to discuss synthetic strategy in the context of natural product synthesis.


ADSE chapters, send us information about recent events you have hosted to appear on the blog!

Keep up the good work!

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