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Summer and Fall ADSE Events

Read below to find out what our chapters have been up to throughout the summer and fall months!


Welcoming New Leadership

ADSE@NYU has made a come back with a new board and a new generation of graduate students excited to be a part of the ADSE community. To kick off this change in leadership they hosted a Fall Kickoff Happy Hour Fundraiser at the start of the academic year where they where able to mingle with new NYU STEM students and successfully raise about $300! We look forward to seeing what this chapter has planned for the future!

ADSE@NYU New Board

ADSE@NYU Fall Kickoff


Seasonal Socials

The relatively relaxed summer months and beginning of a new academic year fostered many fun social events for our chapters.

ADSE@Rochester had a busy summer hosting a Pride Night Baseball Game Trip, and a Bowling Night and come October, they hosted a Diversity and Inclusion Meet and Greet. About the Meet and Greet ADSE@Rochester correspondence said, "Co-sponsoring this event with GSOC [Graduate Students of Color] really helped bring in a large group of graduate students in different graduate programs across the U of R campuses; over 100+ graduate students attended, mostly in STEM programs but also a good amount were from non-STEM programs. The event was held on campus, which reduced the energetic barrier for attendance". Since their initiation, ADSE@Rochester has done a great job of connecting with their community. Keep up the good work, Rochester!

Pride Night at the Rochester Redwings Game

Bowling Night

Diversity and Inclusion Fall Meet and Greet

ADSE@Northeastern recently hosted a Fall Mixer. An ever productive chapter, we're sure this event was a great way to educate new students about ADSE and preview some of the exciting events ahead for NEU.

ADSE@NYU recently co-hosted with the Chemistry Graduate Student Organization a Pumpkin Carving Mixer. A fun way to celebrate the fall season, this event was also intended to serve as a de-stress event for students and attendees. Always good to slow down for a moment and get your hands dirty!


Planning for Our Futures

ADSE@NEU had a summer full of events aimed at helping graduate students prepare for their futures. These events included two career talks delivered by Caitlin Deane, Associate Editor of Nature Chemical Biology, and Mary Jo Ondrechen, Professor of Chemistry and Chemical Biology at Northeastern University. A third event included an interactive panel titled " How to Become a Postdoc". While thinking beyond graduate school can sometimes be anxiety producing, having mentors available that have followed number of different career paths are great and useful resources!


Diversity in STEM Seminar Series Continue

This fall season was host to a number of speakers new to the Diversity in STEM Seminar Series circuit. Speakers for these lectures are typically asked to deliver 1 to 2 seminars per visit focusing both on their personal experiences with diversity in STEM and their scientific research. This program demonstrates the essence of ADSE, to increase visibility and participation of underrepresented groups in STEM and create an inclusive network of professionals and graduate students.

ADSE@NEU hosted Dr. Jue D. (Jade) Wang, Professor of Bacteriology from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

ADSE@Rochester hosted Dr. Avery August, Professor of Immunology and Vice Provost for Academic Affairs from Cornell University.


On a Broader Scale: Climate March

On September 20th, ADSE@NYU participated in the NYC climate march. A grand theme of the Fridays for Future movement and the September climate marches is to believe and support science. As scientists, professional or citizen, we have a social responsibility to inform and be informed on topics that will impact human life on a global scale. Have conversations and be an advocate for science!


Thanks for reading! Interested in learning more about ADSE? Feel free to contact us at anytime at Happy Fall, y'all!

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