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YRCs in Plenty: Seventh and Eighth Young Researcher Conferences Hosted

The summer and fall seasons were each host to one Young Research Conference this past year. On June 7th, ADSE@TAMU (Texas A&M University) hosted the seventh YRC and on October 5th, ADSE@UMD (University of Maryland) hosted the eigth YRC. The YRCs continue to be free events open to all - researchers at all stages of schooling and career, from different backgrounds, and STEM disciplines.

Both chapter hosted eventful conferences with five student talks, four faculty talks, and a poster session. At ADSE@TAMU's YRC faculty speakers included Kayla Green (Chemistry, Texas Christian University), Malika Jeffries-El (Chemistry, Boston University), Matthew Sheldon (Chemistry, Texas A&M University), and Aaron Smith (Chemistry, University of Maryland- Baltimore County). At ADSE@UMD's conference speakers included Steven Lopez (Chemistry, Northeastern University), Raúl Hernández Sánchez (Chemistry, University of Pittsburgh), Luke Achenie (Chemical Engineering, Virginia Tech), and Tianning Diao (Chemistry, New York University).

A special thanks to all faculty and students that presented and attended these conferences! It is you who makes this event worthwhile!

Please peruse the pictures below and stay tuned for our next YRC!


Poster Session

Presenter Award Winners


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